Friday, July 15, 2011

All Knotted Up!

So today folks we have a question from a new mom! She tells me what most new mom`s do... That they have 0 time for sleep, let alone hair styling! I think we can help her out though, you guys be the judge and let me know what you think or ask your own question at

"Hi there, I have just been blessed with my first little bundle of joy and although any form of rest is hard to come by I am soo in love! One part of me that isn`t very happy with this new change is my hair, do you have any tips for quick ways I can throw my hair up? I feel like if I just knew a way to tie it up then I would`nt look so frumpy. Thanks for the tip in advance! :)"

I have to admit that due to the fact that I am a man, and more precisely a man with short hair I don`t have very much experience at putting my own hair up! BUT... Luckily I have just the right staff to help you out. This is Lindsay Plaskett showing off her skills and how! Check out the work she creates in this video using nothing but knots and a couple bobby pins!

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