Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Texture Monkey!

What`s Up Guys!   It is SOOOOO Hot Outside !!!!!  My Goodness!  This is some of the hottest weather we have had in a long time,  or at least that is what it feels like!  Anyway today`s question relates to something we probably ALL wish we had right now and that is short hair!  Check it out...

"Hi Jon,  I have been reading your blog for a while and finally decided it was time for me to get some advice!  I have very short hair that I apply product to and try to create some texture and lift.  I was curious if you knew of a good product to help build texture and hold that isn`t too sticky?  Thanks for your help,  and keep it up!"

NICE!  That is great!  I just got a little reader love!  That makes you feel like people really are enjoying the content and thank you soo much for that.  Okay so YES,  I can make a couple of recommendations  that I think might be what you are looking for.  I have a product that I swear by called Matt Moulding Gesso by Davines.  This product is great in that it does n`t create to sticky of a hold  and yet creates a phenomenal amount of grit and texture.  It is the type of product that is meant to be a matte finish (which I love by the way) so it is therefore white as a base colour.  When using this product you want to be sure to really emulsify and break it up in your hands before you apply it to the hair.  For your short hair you would want no more than a nickel size worth,  after taking it into your palms you would rub it in until it gets hot and starts to turn opaque.  When you have gotten to that point I recommend applying it in a circular pattern until you have it all out of your hands.  When finished take a look at the mess you have just created... AWESOME!  All that is left now is to piece it out and place all the little wild pieces where you want them.  Anyway I think this is a perfect fit for what you are looking for,  and so don`t let the price tag slow you down (about $28 per container)  It spreads well and is concentrated so a little goes a long way and should last a while.

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