Thursday, July 21, 2011

Grey Is The Way!

Okay,  is it just me or is this the hottest weather we have ever seen in Toronto?  I cannot believe this!  I will say though that this is NOT a complaint.  I will take heat and humidity over -30 ANY day of the week.  Alright so today we have a question that either pertains to you now or will at some point,  and seeing as how I turn 30 in a little over a month I am already there!

"Hi there,  I have recently started going greyer and greyer over the last little while and can honestly say that it is having a bigger effect on me than I thought it would.  I just feel old and boring and I am not sure what to do.  I am a person who would prefer to avoid maintenance when it comes to my hair,  and even more importantly don`t really want to spend extra money.  I have seen a lot of women my age just leaving the grey and wanted to know what you thought of this idea?"

I LOVE IT!  I will tell you this,  I have successfully converted three clients in the last month!  These are guests that used to colour their hair with us and that I have convinced that going grey is a better idea!  This is crazy for a business owner!  I mean for as long as they keep their insecurity toward their hair colour I will continue to profit.  However,  I have NEVER been that kind of business owner so why start now?  Anyway I feel that there is an air of sophistication that women have when they attain the confidence to go grey.  It really is a matter of how you feel when you look at yourself,  some feel proud and others are just dying to rewind the clock.  The difference may also lie in your haircut,  It seems to me that one of the reasons women give up and go back to colouring is that they don`t change the WHOLE look.  When you make the decision to go grey you will need an edgier cut or more fashionable one anyway to make you feel sexy and trendy.  I believe that most women can look fantastic grey as long as they stay current and trendy with their hair cuts.  Anyway if I had it my way you would be grey all the way!  but with a sexy progressive cut to match!  Hope that helped and please feel free to send me any more questions at!

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