Friday, July 29, 2011

Taming your Curlies!

Hey Guys! Hope you are all doing well out there and that all you peoples who were complaining about the HOT weather are happy now! ;(
What is it with this Rain?! Anyway I feel like this was a great week in the salons so far as even though the weather has n`t been at its best we have been pretty busy, so thanks to our fans and those who make what we do everyday so rewarding! Anyway without any further adieu here is today`s question!

" Hi, I was wondering if you guys did Afro- Canadian hair at either of your two salon locations? I am in the market for a new stylist and love all the great things I have heard about you guys. Is there anyone who is a specialist with this type of texture working at either of your salons? Thanks"

Yes! At evoke our stylists are trained to cut hair for shape, which means that we all have a strong understanding of how to create a strong shape that grows in well and that is easy to self style. A lot of salons are coming out now and claiming to be specialist in cutting curl, but at evoke we are of the mind that if you have a strong grasp of geometrical cutting you can truly work on ANY hair texture. I personally will say that the tighter and curlier the curl the more fun it is to work with! Anyway, let me save you the terminology and technical talk because it`s only us stylists get catch a rush on it! Check out this AWESOME makeover that Ergys Tafilica was able to do out of our Yonge St. Location, I am sure that this will help you gain some confidence in just what it is I am talking about... Check it Out!

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