Wednesday, July 20, 2011

One For The Dudes!

Hellloooooo! Hey Guys (Literally), Today we have one for the boys. I was asked a question that I think will be easily answered and that everyone will take something from. Let`s get to it because I think that this is gonna be a great vid for you guys to see. Check it out!

"Hey, so I was curious if you had any vids you could show me that showcase the experience a man has at your salons. I am in the market for a new stylist having just moved here from Vancouver. I like to pamper myself and think that a good cut is the best way to experience that relaxation."

OH YES WE DO! Not only have we got a video to show you, but we have a video I am sure most of you will love watching. In this video Entertainment Tonight Canada Star Rick Campanelli has a cut with Ergys at our Yonge and Eglinton location. Rick has been a guest of ours for 6 years and is always a riot when he comes in, a great guy with a great stylist I am sure this will show you that between our Aromatherapy massages, and hot towels for men the experience is unparalleled!

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