Thursday, July 28, 2011

We ARE What We EAT!

Hey today we have a topic that I think will be a real great one for some of our readers.  I know that I am extremely pumped by this article and think that a certain Nutritionist friend of mine will be real proud of it!  I think that over the course of the last 150 blog entries we have posted ( Oh Yeah by the way we hit 150 entries yesterday!!!)  We have tried to touch on various topics that are hair related.  We have shown funny videos,  we have provided information that people can gain knowledge from,  and of course we have tried to answer as many questions as we could.  This however is one topic I don`t believe I have covered,  and that surprises me because it is quite important!  Lets get to it shall we? 

In my chair at 11am this morning I had a wonderful lady named Anne who`s hair I have been cutting for two years now ask me a GREAT question,  here it is...

"Jon,  Have you ever covered the topic of food and haircare?  I mean do the two even relate?  What are the important things to get from our diet that relate to our hair`s strength and health?"

NO!, ... No I haven`t,  and I am very glad that you asked Anne!  So glad I didnt even go to email today for a question as I really wanna talk about this!

Okay so our hair shafts are made up predominately of protein,  Keratin,  and Melanin.  What this means essentially is that our hair is a fibre and requires certain nutrients to maintain its overall health.  What we put in,  like everything else in life is exactly what we get out!  This concept very much applies to our hair, skin,  and nails because they are the places we notice deficiencies first.  Our hair in particular is a record of our diets,  in that if we are not taking in enough of any particular vitamin or nutrient our hair WILL show it.  As an example,  you may be a person who does not get enough protein in your diet and therefore your hair becomes fragile and brittle,  you get less body and "Life" from it.  In short,  insufficient protein in one`s diet decreases the hair shafts diameter,  making it less healthy, strong, and thick.  Crash dieting has a HUGE effect on hair in that you can begin to lose more hair as a result of a highly impacted growth cycle which causes a higher than normal amount of hair follicles to shed their attached hair fibres.  Vitamins also have a huge impact in that you can gain  a lot of what you are unable to get through food by supplementing it in.  As an example you can maximize your hair`s shine, vitality and strength by taking a proper blend of amino acids and B vitamins.  It is important to include B6, B12 and minerals such as Magnesium,  Sulfur,  Silica,  and Zinc when aiming to achieve healthy, strong and shiny hair.  In short,  when it comes to hair and overall health we REALLY ARE what we eat!  Thanks for reading and send me your queries to!

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