Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Thank You!

So today guys I am going to switch things up a bit,  in that today I am not going to answer a question.  Today I want to start by saying that we as a salon team feel blessed,  I mean we run two very successful salons and have an AMAZING team that make that possible.  We also however would not need our team if it was n`t for the SPECTACULAR group of guests we have that have been soo loyal to us for so many years.  There is however a new group of people that we really want to thank,  and that group is you guys!  Our wonderfully supportive and inspirational on line community.  We really love interacting with you guys daily and sharing everything from experiences to embarrassments to special moments.  I must say that I am really inspired by the people who take time everyday to share thoughts and words in a world where we have very little time left to do so.  Having said this there is also a special new group within this existing group who we are truly and utterly flattered by!  And they are our guests... who also happen to be bloggers! Or Tweeters!  People who take it upon themselves to share with the world the experience that they cherish at evoke.  I can honestly say to you that we feel blessed and truly humbled by your efforts and by the way we seem to have touched your lives,  we will not stop trying our BEST for you!  I have an example of what I am talking about in the link below,  please take the time to read it because I can say that I was blown away and it made me feel really lucky!  It is you guys that we do this for... it means a lot. 



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