Friday, July 22, 2011

This Is A CLASSIC!!!

Hey Guys,  hope you are managing to stay cool out there because this is some CraZy weather!  I figured this would be the most appropriate question to address considering that right about now ALL of us would love to use one of these machines!  You will see what i`m talking about....

"Hey I was wondering if you could let me know what type of shaver you use when working on your male clients.  I like to keep my head shaved and recently had the one I use burn out on me."

Hahaha!  See what I mean!... Who on earth would n`t  want to shave their head in this heat wave?  I mean it is definitely easier than creating a bubble that surrounds you and keeps you air conditioned.  Okay in all seriousness I am absolutely in love with one particular clipper and I will NEVER change.  The clipper is an all time classic and is the single most reliable, dependable, and efficient machine I own.  Its called to Classic76 by Oster,  and is by far and large the worlds BEST when it comes to barbering and tapering machines.  This thing is deadly!  It has an incredibly tough motor that cuts through wet, thick hair with ease.  That would n`t sound impressive to anyone who does n`t hair but I will tell you that I have worked with many, many machines and NONE cut through wet, thick hair NONE.  Other than the Classic76 of course, it has removable blades which make it easy to clean and comes with a lifetime warranty.  You can purchase it for about $100-$150 and although that sounds steep you will NEVER need another machine and can easily maintain it and keep it clean and oiled.  This IS the cadillac of clippers, and you should really think twice before purchasing any other one.

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