Thursday, July 14, 2011

Long AND Strong!

Hellooooooo! How goes it guys?! Are you making it through the week? We`re almost there... Just One and a Half more days to go for each of you out there, you can do it! Today we have a question that kind of relates to that, a question that has to do with patience and achieving a goal by just hangin in there, Check it out!

" Hi, I am in the process of growing my hair out from a chin length bob, and I must say it is driving me bananas! It has gotten as far as my shoulders now and I really need a cut! What do you think I should do with it now that I have come this far? I don`t want to get it too long just about chest length but i`m finding it heavy, any advice?"

Okay so a lot of stylists will tell you that at this point the best thing to do is come in frequently so that we can keep your ends tidy and allow it to grow faster... (we ALL need to earn a living!) I on the other hand have never really been able to doop people! It kills me because if I could I would earn a lot of money (haha). In all seriousness I do not share the same belief as most stylists, at evoke we try to be honest and build long standing relationships with our guests. So, having said that my ideas for a haircut for you right now might be a little different in that I feel like the most important thing to do right now is try to keep your ends and mid shaft as healthy as possible. The way you do that is to keep your current style simple, right now your ends are probably flipping up all over the place! and that is attributed to the fact that you are currently at a point where the ends hit your shoulder and flip up. My advice to you would be to keep your layers a little longer and closer to the length right now, allowing you to avoid the flip and keep them a little healthier as they grow in. However, where I differ from most is that when you have had a good clean up and the shape is there then you avoid scissors like the plague! That means NO NOT regular haircuts, BUT the opposite! Stretch them out, and allow for your hair to actually grow! (Novel idea eh?!) I believe you stay away for at least twelve weeks between cuts and use a good healthy split end mending product to help you buy more time. It has always worked for my guests in more than one way, the pocket and the long term goal will thank you for it! Send me your questions to!

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