Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Do The Do... YOURSELF!

Hi everyone, I am excited to get yet another week of blogging to you! I am excited because it is starting to feel to me like we are building some great momentum here. I want to let you all know that the timing behind my blog posts for today and tomorrow may be a little inconsistent as I am currently in Massachusetts! What a beautiful state that is even nicer over the Independence Day festivities of July 4. Anyway, I have been checking out some cool salons down here and getting an overall feel for hairstyling in this gorgeous part of the U.S.  However, you all know what is next sooo... Lets get to today`s question!

" I was wondering if you had any videos that showcased how to do a simple and effective updo on yourself? Thanks for considering my question."

Okay, we do and we have an amazing featured artist to show you what she can do. Our featured artist is Lindsay Plaskett, Lindsay has worked at evoke Salon for quite some time now and has ALWAYS had the gift of styling hair extremely well. She has this uncanny ability to be able to put her hair up by herself and have it look like a stylist spent hours on her hair! However, just because Lindsay is talented doesn`t mean it will be easy as pie to you! The thing is though that she was able to simplify this updo to the point where she can easily instruct you as you try to re create it. Anyway enough out of me, check out this vid that turns hair art into the easiest thing you will ever do with your hair! Thanks Lindsay for sharing your talent and I hop you all take a lot out of this video!

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