Friday, July 8, 2011

Hottest Trend Now?.... VINTAGE!!!

Hey guys,  hope all is well in your world!  I know we are just loving this hot weather!  Anyway I got asked a pretty great question and I cannot wait to get the answer out there for you!  So,  without any further adieu...  Let`s get busy!

"What is trendy right now in hair care?  Just want to get ideas of what I can do with my short hair next!"

Alright,  well much like in the fashion world trends always move in cycles.  What we are living in right now is for sure one of my personal favourites!  What is hot right now no doubt is anything Vintage!  I mean all you have to do is tune in to much music and catch the latest Gaga video to find out for your self.  Everything from polka dot dresses, to flowers in the hair,  to brown platforms with big gold buckles vintage is everywhere!  And hair care is absolutely NO different.  There are many ways to create this look by using wave and texture but also with straight hair.  Side ponies,  and loose gathered buns can be easily achieved with your straight hair.  Even french rolls are back!  I had a guest come in last Saturday and ask me to re-create a look that her mum wore in 69` on her wedding day! I was floored and quite excited by this prospect.  I for one as a stylist absolutely love to recreate vintage hair, so this time for me is very exciting.  Anyway,  regarding short hair in particular the best advice I can give you is to channel Liz Taylor and get yourself a roller set to use,  you can create amazing bend and quickly look finished and trendy!  Add a flower to this look and WHOA! your gonna knock em` dead!  Thanks for your question and feel free to send me more at!

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