Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hey, Is This Safe?

So here we are with another week in front of us... For most of you this started yesterday,  but as stylists we are accustomed to a work week that starts on Tuesday and ends with Saturday Night Lights, Camera, Askin!!!  I hope you have all had a GREAT weekend and are settling in to a relaxing summer when not in the workplace!  Today we have a great question that will pertain to some of you right now and some in the future ( others not at all for obvious reasons!)  Check it out...

"Hi, my name is Jessica and I am currently 2 months pregnant.  I have about 40% grey hair and I am dying to colour it!  These roots are just viscous,  what do you think,  is it safe?"

Well,  I think the simple answer is MAYBE.  I know that sucks and that it really isn`t an answer at all but it is the truth.  There is no hard core proof that hair colouring during pregnancy is for sure a detriment to you and the baby BUT,  that does n`t necessarily mean that it isn`t.  It`s possible that some of the chemical compounds in hair colour can cause Cancer and or birth defects for you and or your new born,  however it is believed that one would have to use them in extremely high doses for them to have this effect.  These quantities would be far greater than the amount you would be exposed to when colouring your hair every month or two.  I must say that I have told many clients that during the first trimester of your pregnancy I encourage you to avoid their use,  however like anything else the choice is for you to make.  A safe alternative to try would be using colour systems that have a lower ammonia base to them and that can attest to less PPD content in their product.  Another way to go would be to consider using a vegetable base colour during your term such as Herbatint.  These are safe and effective ( just difficult to change)  in achieving the desired tone your`e looking for.  I hope this answered your question Jessica,  I know it is a tough decision,  let me just say this,  If you were my guest...  You would have to convince me to colour. Send me your queries to dimauro.jon@gmail.com

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