Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Knot That %*#@ !!!!

Wanna know what`s trending and hot right now in the hair world?  Its pretty simple actually... Laziness!

Funny because I feel like that has been a hair trend for years in certain circles!  Anyway funny enough I`m not kidding at all because easy is the new style when it comes to hair fashion.  The best part is it`s not that new because it seems like we have been on this trend for a couple of years.  
The latest in the long line of clever, quick and easy ways to throw your hair up with style is the double knot.  The easiest possible "updo"  I think I may have ever seen or done!  All there is to it is exactly what it sounds like you literally just tie your hair in two knots!  

Start by taking your hair into a middle section at the back.  After you have the two sides of your head separated,  you then wind them up into what feels like two wind wound up ropes.  Then simple tie a knot with the two sides,  once completed you then tie it into another knot,  and place it in the position you want at the back.  Take a couple of bobby pins and pin it down for security,  once that`s done a little spray should finish it off great and you are on your way!  So chic and practical! 

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