Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Hey everyone!  Glad to be back behind the computer today answering your questions and sharing ideas!
Today we are gonna respond to a great question I got regarding bangs.  People seem to always have the same question when it comes to bangs,  so as you would imagine that makes my life pretty easy when it comes to giving them an answer!  Let me share that query with you today!....

"Hi Jon,  it has been a really long time since iv`e had bangs and I`m thinking about going at them again!   BUT before I do I need to know what you think is trending right now in the bangs world?!"

Okay bangs kinda do this funny thing to people,  in that they are either truly ready for bangs and are not shy to get right at it with an all out full bang.  OR they seem to take a short cut and go for more of a side swept fringe that is more subtle.  I think to look at what is trending is the right approach as long as you are on the front end of that statement and are ready to sport a full bang.  Otherwise you are probably better off sticking to the fringe because it`s the safer bet.  Now,  having said that if you are ready than full bangs are super trending right now and have been for a little while.  They don`t seem to be on the way out at all and that`s a great thing considering I love them!  I have attached a pic of the type of bang I am talking about for your enjoyment,  It all however depends on facial shape,  hair length and texture along with how much styling your`e willing to do!  Hope that was helpful and that you go for it!!!!

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