Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A BOB is all you need!

So I freaked out when we found out about being nominated for a weblog award in two categories!  I don`t know if you could all tell yesterday that that was the case!  I was truly humbled to even have been considered.  Today though I gotta get back to business,  I`ve got to get back to story telling and question answering because THAT is what you all truly want to hear about!  Lets get back on track here shall we?

Today I wanna chat about bobs,  the most highly addictive and practical haircut of the last 50 years! (If you date it back to the 60`s anyway.)  This cut has become a staple in most salons the world over,  with many different variations and textures a bob is still a bob.  I have a couple of guests that WILL NOT... CANNOT... Ever change. The bob can be funked up to create a trendier, edgier look with colours,  and can be worn a bit more classical and almost parisian influenced with no colour and clean lines.  

I will say this I understand  where you guys are coming from!  And can recommend only this...  ADD BANGS!  Or change the colour every once in a while or I don`t know... Just don`t get stuck in that same  look for the rest of your life!  LOL!  Anyway,  just figured I`d share that thought today,  hope you got a laugh.

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