Thursday, November 17, 2011

Men Au Natural!

So one thing I have noticed in mens style and fashion recently is that we are really trying to go back to a more natural and care free version of style.  The look started to make a comeback when Robert Pattinson came on the scene with his free flowing and wild hair in the Twilight series.  Since then, our looks have been revamped! I don`t adore Robert Pattinson or the series but you gotta see my free flowing locks!  Anyway, I think it was just a matter of time before we'd realize that maybe the helmet heads we'd been sporting from all the crap in our hair was maybe not the best look for us.   I for one am absolutely in love with the new trend and feel like most guys out there sporting it actually pull it off really well.  

Now having said that and talked about just how crappy wearing product feels in a man's hair,  there are certain products that encourage this style well and help to keep it from looking sloppy.  I personally am really into the Grooming Cream by Hero For men.  It is a mens line that branches off of Eufora and is really making head way in the industry (Pardon The Pun!).  Anyway, I recommend checking it out if you are sporting this trendy look.  Let's keep this trend going for as long as we can because I'm really enjoy the lazy days!

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