Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Lean, Mean, Green and Clean!

We at evoke are starting to take notice of how we live,  what we eat,  and what it is we put on our bodies and hair.  With this new reckoning has come improvements and changes in our salon locations also.  Our Yonge and Eglinton location has been using a No ammonia base colour line for about the last 6 months,  while Bloor St.  has plans to roll out an Organic colour line in the new year.  Along with the introduction of healthier and cleaner colour alternatives;  we at both locations are looking into healthier and chemical-less alternatives in our shampoo and styling sections.  

This week our Bloor St. Location started to carry a range of Local,  Certified Organic,  Vegan, Gluten Free shampoos and conditioners by Green Beaver.  A fabulous range of product that I have personally been using for about 3 months now with great results.  We feel as though we can still achieve wonderful results using these cleaner alternatives,  and at the same time support a movement that we truly believe in and support.  I believe this evolution started as a result of a couple of different factors,  one being the recent spike in celiac cases and a need to satisfy their demands.  The other being a general belief in the need to support local,  greener,  and healthier options.  To me this was a natural progression as I had already started to make changes in this direction a while ago.  We at evoke hope to continue to service the needs of our guests and at the same time stay trendsetting and current!

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