Friday, November 25, 2011

Colour For Lift And Volume?

Hey Everyone,  I hope your all staring to pull out those big Parkas and prepare for old man winter!  (Brrr Its cold out there!)  I for one have already started to curl up like an old man when walking outside.  Today I am gonna get back to   answering a question because I feel like it has been a while since I have done so.

"Hello,  I was wondering if you could tell me whether or not this is true;  I have heard from countless friends and even stylists that the best way to get extra volume on my fine hair is to colour it?  They say that it makes your hair thicker,  what is your opinion of that?  Thanks"

That is true,  it does definitely make your hair thicker.  The reason for that I don`t really like though!  What happens is that when your fine hair has been coloured it has had its cuticle layer damaged.  They way standard professional hair colour works is that when you were to have say a Highlighting service we go in with a "Pre-Lightener" (bleach)  and we strip your natural darker colour out of your hair shaft.  Then, when that colour is removed we find a nice new tone at that new level and apply a toner to even everything out.  The act of bleaching as one would imagine is not the most gentle on your hair`s condition,  the cuticle (the hair`s outer layer) is ruffed up by this procedure.  That is not however the only damaging part.  Even applying a solid colour can and will rough up the cuticle layer.  And although that rougher texture will help create lift and height in your fine hair,  the amount of conditioner you will need to get it feeling soft again cancels it out!  Give it a real thought before starting to colour because once you start,  stopping becomes very difficult.  Another way to get lift in your fine hair is to try root lifting agents like Powder lift by Eufora Or Dust It by Schwarzkopf.  They work wonders on fine hair and help to minimize oils and dirt build up.  

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