Saturday, November 26, 2011

Our 500th!!!

So for a little while there on our Facebook page I was trying to get us up to 500 likes,  and I am proud announce that we got there!  I know,  I know some of you will be saying " Whatever,  we have 1000 or 2000 or something like that"  But for me this was a great milestone.  I love posting content daily and having people "Like" what we put up and say,  however I have to say that it is pretty time consuming.  When we started posting content to the web and getting our story out we had slightly over 100 Likes,  and that was about 7 months ago.   I felt like 500 was very far away and it goes to show you how old i`m getting because time has flown!  Anyway,  I am very thankful and happy that you guys are enjoying our content and liking our page.  I hope to receive more and more feedback from you to be able to continue peaking your interest and sharing content with you that you enjoy!  To Jennifer Sprecht our lucky 500th  I hope you enjoyed your free cut and experience... We Loved doing it for you!!!

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