Tuesday, November 29, 2011

YOU Have To Chill Out!!!

What is it with you ladies out there?!!  I mean we have had over a year and a half of style that has included body,  wave,  curl,  and overall big big hair and still we iron!  I mean I would understand the fascination if we were still stuck in the late 90`s / early millennium addiction to start flat hair but we as stylists have progressed!  It seems to me that ladies of all ages (Yes,  that`s right it isn`t just the teeny boppers)  are absolutely addicted to damaging their hair.  Don`t mistake me here because we as salon operators are more than happy to sell you all the products in the world to help fix the damage but why make it easy on us?

As an example I have a guest ( Who will remain nameless!)  who has an obvious addiction ( her hair is double processed blonde and has started to chemically cut itself :( )  to the heat.  She irons daily,  and when I let her know that her hair cannot take this abuse and is breaking in various spots her answer is simply " I just can`t stop Jon... It`s not an option".  I for one find this extremely difficult to understand given all the irony I have used with her such as " That`s okay you can take your highlights home in a doggy bag today" or the clever " Hey check out this peach fuzz" .  I know that those are harsh things to say to a guest... I get it,  BUT,  The problem is that I actually truly and whole heartedly care and am scared for her.   Anyway I can rant all day on this the point is when your hairstylist (who sees an average of 9 clients/heads of hair a day)  says its time to stop... it`s time to stop!  Please share your thoughts below or don`t BUT,  if you know a junky smarten them up at least! 

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