Friday, November 11, 2011

Birds Of A Feather...

Okay I know I have already done a blog post on feather hair extensions,  But I cannot help doing another one!   This things are the hotness right now!  IT`S CRAZY!!!  I mean we are selling extensions like it going out of style (even though it REALLY isn`t!).  People are buying up these feathers because they are durable,  trendy and have a beautiful appeal to them.  They  create a really beautiful bohemian soft feel on long wavy hair and on shorter more cropped looks.  At the shop we sell them for $15.00 per feather and $25.00 dollars for three.  As you would imaging people tend to jump on the latter option just because it creates a nicer look to have multiple shades and textures of feathers.  It does so because it creates a more natural and eclectic look.  We love these things as I have four members of our staff sporting them and that helps to create a buzz.  Anyway I really think that if you have`nt tried them out yet you may want to give it a go before the trend changes.  They are easily cared for and can be shampooed,  blow-dried,  styled and last at least 6 weeks!  Anyway if you are interested come by either of our locations in Bloor West Village (at Runnymede)  or at Yonge and Eglinton for a chance to try them out!

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