Saturday, November 12, 2011


Normally its time to put forth a video showcasing the answer to a question iv`e  received but today,  I have to say...  I`m Exhausted!!!

I`m Exhausted because there have been few Saturday`s like this in my career,  today I had every single long,  thick haired, curly, wavy,  unbelievably massive haired client on my repetoir!   SERIOUSLY!  I blow dried more hair today than I have in my entire career combined!  I guess with the holidays on the way I was bound to get a day like this in there and well today was it!  

Everyone wants that smoothened out silky style and that means a workout for me people!  Holy moly if you think its hard on you to blow dry your own head of hair on a weekday morning imagine if 7 of you came in to see me in one day!  Well guess what... Today was THE day!  Anyway,  all i`m saying is at least I got through it with a smile :) 

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