Thursday, June 23, 2011

Stay Smooth!

Hey everyone! Hope the week is winding down well for all of you,  and that you have BIG happy plans for this sunny weekend.  Let`s get to today`s question shall we? 

"Hi Jon,  and thanks for taking the time to look at my question!  I have a full head of Crazy thick, curly, coarse hair,  can you recommend a product that can help me control some of the frizz I am experiencing with this humid weather? Thanks."

I sure can, we at the salon have really started using one product for this referal on a regular basis.  When I tell you about this product and ones like it you may have a chuckle.  We have been referring straightening products for clients that have wavy or curly hair and want to keep it smooth in this crAzy humidity.  I know it sounds weird to refer a straightening product to someone who is trying to shape their curl but the science behind it makes sense.  Straightening products are designed to get hair smooth and keep it there because of their built in anti-humectants,  so most clients feel that you should only use a straightening product when straightening.  However, BECAUSE of their anti-humectants they make great frizz tamers and smoothening products!  They work like a charm on ladies with curly hair on hot days because all you have to do is apply it on wet hair and let it dry right in,  thus keeping your hair shafts closed and smooth as they dry! AWESOME!  and it really does work.  So think about it, ANY line that has a straightening product in it can suffice.  Any product that says smoothening serum, or straightening balm, or relaxing cream ...etc.  We at our salon in Bloor West swear by a product by Davines Haircare called Relaxing Fluid,  its great and works like a charm! Check It Out,  and let me know what you thought at

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