Wednesday, June 15, 2011

REAL Heat!

Hey Everyone!  We have another great question today that hopefully turns into a blog entry you all love! well, or at the least enjoyed reading ;)

"Hi, my name is Lisa and I would like to start by saying thanks for taking the time to answer all these questions! I am sure your clients love it as much as I do.  Anyway I was curious as I just bought a new flat iron,  how hot I can go when straightening?  My iron gets to 410 degrees and I am unsure of how safe that is for my hair.  Should I be using a lower temperature more often, or a higher temp and fewer passes? Thanks!"

Okay, this is a question I get asked a lot!, not just concerning flat ironing and straightening but also when clients use curling or waving irons.  The answer to this is largely based on basic science,  in that the fewer times you pass over a hair section with an extremely hot tool,  the less damage is created on that section.  I personally tell my guests that you are better off using a tool at its hottest temperature fewer times on each piece than vice-versa.  I recommend pre drying all of your hair to completely dry and then going through section by section one time on each piece,  this will minimize damage and create a smoother more polished finish. When curling however you will need to take the middle step and pass a brush through your hair while blowdrying,  this will create an overall smoother finish before you shape your curls with the irons. So Lisa crank that thing up to 410, just use it sparingly! 
Hope that helped out and thanks for your great question! Keep them coming at!

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