Thursday, June 30, 2011

Big It UP!!!

Hey Guys,  Hope you are all gearing up for a fun and fabulous weekend with friends and family!  Anyway today we`ve got another question to get to that I think you will all enjoy,  so... Here we go!

" Hi Jon!  I am just curious if you knew of any products that would be able to help me get some more volume and fullness in my fine hair?"

For sure I can!  We at evoke carry multiple lines of professional product in both of our locations.  I for one can say that having worked with all of them there are a couple of products that I feel will benefit you in different ways.  The first one is in the Rockaholic line of products by Tigi,  and is called Your Highness.  Now this is not one particular product but a range of four or five.  I do think that you would benefit from the whole line because they all provide great results for different reasons.  The one I love most though would be the Thickening gel.  I find that on fine hair it really works to create lift all over and not weigh the hair down.  This is all over volume that will last all day!

The other one is a product that you can apply all over in spray form and that is awesome for the days you do nothing with your hair and just want that thick gritty sea side feel.  The product I am referring to is called Davines Sea Salt Spray.  we love this product for all the right reasons, it works, is relatively affordable for its size, and is easy (really easy) to use in that you spray it in and let your hair dry!  Hope These ideas helped and let me know if you have any more questions at

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