Friday, June 24, 2011

Sexy Shape!

So today I am gonna address a question that I thought was really sweet, Kendra in Hamilton asked if I could showcase any of the makeovers that we have done in salon. I thought that was sweet because she followed that up with a "Show me some great stuff before I come down and see you guys!" Anyway, I thought that was nice of her to take an interest in what we do in our salons! So here is her question and our answer and makeover!

" Hey Jon, you guys seem to have a lot going on in your salons! I was curious if you had any videos of makeover haircuts that you or your staff have done recently and are proud of ?"

As a matter of fact we do! Priya Rampersaud who works out of our Yonge and Eglinton location did a phenomenal job making over one of her clients. We caught it on video and I will show it to you in case you had never seen it before. It is an INCREDIBLE change! As her guest decided it was time to take it short for a change. Check Out this cool makeover!

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