Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Our show on the Road!

Hey everyone! Thank you for your continuos support! Soo many questions I love it! Thank you soo much!
Anyway now that I got that off my chest! Lets get to today`s question, which I might add was an amazing one that came in from Jessica in Leslieville.

"Jessica asked I know this is a random question but what is the weirdest place you guys have ever cut hair?"

Well, that question has 1000 answers! In all honesty we are not exactly "normal" stylists at evoke specifically because we LOVE hair and cannot get enough of it! I personally have cut hair in some pretty crazy spots like, club washrooms, right on Yonge St., and even in a restaurant! But the video I am about to show you takes the cake, as J and I were paying a visit to his favourite music store on QueenSt. W Steve`s Music. What was amazing was that we walked into the records room and found these two girls behind the sales counter cutting each others hair! So naturally we figured it was a sign and we should take over!....

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