Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Hi Guys!  Hope everyone is enjoying this BEAUTIFUL summer weather we are having! I know I am!  Hope you are all doing well,  and spending good time with family and friends along with your hair of course!  Anyhoo, today we`ve got a question that came in from Jeremy in Toronto,  yes that`s right one for the boys today!

"Hey thanks for your daily hair advice,  my wife really loves reading your stuff.  Today though,  its me who has the question that needs an answer!  I am curious about product and have been looking for a good gripping mud for some time.  I used to use this stuff back home and I can`t get it here it was called Grip Glue.  Anyway, what i`m looking for is a dry matte hold,  preferably mud style texture any suggestions?"

YES!!! I do have suggestions considering that is exactly the style of product I love to use myself!  Anyway my long term love affair has always been with American Crew Fiber.  I absolutely love the stuff!  The smell, texture, and control are in my opinion unmatched.  It has a yellowish tinge and is a very matte dry finish.  Great control and texturizing capability come with tis product that is available for a relatively low price between $15- $25 dollars.  Its one of the oldest mud`s and you know what they say... "They don`t make products like they used to".

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