Thursday, June 9, 2011


So I decided that today I would take the opportunity to let you guys know that I changed the set up of our video sections above.  We now have organized groupings of all our videos and have updated them to include everything we have posted on Youtube.  We have included a section dedicated to our Satuday Night Lights, Camera, Askin! section,  along with a section dedicated to Testimonials and celebrity video.  I feel like the best way to get you guys involved in the sights and sounds that make evoke unique is to create great video footage for you to experience!  So we as a team have created quite a few videos to keep you abreast of what it is that a truly inspired hair team does on a regular basis.  The video sections above are broken up in four categories ( Yes we have THAT many vids!)  The first section is Video and is self explanatory.  In the Video section we will house all the videos that do not fit into another section (i.e. videos that we take at cool hair shows or when we perform an AWESOME makeover!)  Then we have a section for Tutorial videos,  self explanatory yet again!  All things educational can be found here, and believe me you will ALL love the knowledge shared.  We then have our Testimonial/Celebrity video section,  An area that mixes great testimonials from clients and celebrity clients alike.  Lastly we have our Saturday Night Lights, Camera, Askin section,  and for all of our regular readers out there this area is where you can recap Saturday`s video tip!  
Hopefully you all see the value in this new set up and enjoy the content that can be found there.  Thanks for reading guys,  and we love interacting with you!

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