Friday, June 17, 2011

Splitting up with Splits!

Ahhh yes,  a topic that I haven`t been asked about in a really long time...
Yeah Right! You guys are constantly fixated on your splits! This is a topic I discuss with 2 out of 5 of my guests (for the sake of averages anyway). Split ends are something so many clients want help with it doesn't surprise me that today we have a question about them. 

" Hey is there any way to help prevent split ends? I know I can get regular haircuts but what about in between."

That`s Awesome! Obviously your stylist is going to be the one who says that more frequent cuts will control your splits!  Anyway the truth is yeah, cutting your hair more often reduces splits (you never give them a real chance to form!)  However that`s not the only way to help. You can also try slathering some conditioner on your ends before jumping in the shower, this will keep them safe from the shampoo stripping natural oils away from them.  Another way to help is to look into using a split end mending serum.  These products are great because they allow you to moisturize while your on the go, and are generally made up of leave in conditioners that are meant to be applied on dry hair.  Hope that helped and I look forward to hearing from you. Send me your questions at

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