Friday, June 3, 2011


Hi Everyone!
Okay so I was asked a question this week regarding Keratin Hair Treatments. Yes, these are the same as the Brazilian Treatment that everyone is talking about. These treatments are amazing! Anyway here is the question that came in from Meredith in Orangeville...

"Hi, and thanks for taking the time to respond to my question. I have a dear friend who like me has a tonne of really curly, coarse, thick hair and she just had the Keratin treatment done. She is absolutely enthralled by this treatment and thinks its just the greatest thing since sliced bread! How do you feel about these treatments and the news surrounding them?"

Okay, what I will say is that I have heard a lot of talk regarding these treatments and potential health scares associated. The concern is that most of these Keratin treatments have a certain amount of Formaldahyde built in to their chemical composition. This undoubtably is not the healthiest of all chemicals we can inhale or have applied to our scalp. However there is NO REAL PROOF that long term Keratin treatments cause Cancer or any other serious health conditions. On a side note I wonder how many of the people voicing these concerns are smokers who are inhaling that same chemical? Regardless I understand that many of us will be uneasy about using any products that can even be questioned. What is NOT up for discussion at all is whether or not the treatments work! Unbelievable results are being had from using these treatments. There is NO BETTER WAY to achieve smooth, silky, long lasting straightness! Whether or not you choose to go with the same service Meredith I can promise that when it comes to ease of styling (especially in this humidity) a Keratin Treatment will make your life a whole lot easier! I hope you found my answer helpful and I encourage you to continue to send me any questions you may have to Anyway, I will show a great video of one we did at our Yonge St. location to give you a taste of the effect... enjoy.

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