Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Good Bye Frizz Monster!

Considering that we have some warm weather finally I knew it was just a matter of time until all the ladies who have curl realized that... straightening right now is useless! (haha) Now trust me I am aware of the fact that this is quite painful for all of you out there that have an issue with your curls. I get it! But at the same time there is nothing you can do, any form of curl you have WILL form in humid weather. You can try all day to straighten but if I were you... I would save the energy. So anyway here is the question I received, hope it enlightens...

"Hi my name is Lisa and this question is one I know you have been asked before! I know because I am not the only girl out there trying to straight hair out of crazy curls. Unlike some ladies I am okay to wear my curl as long as it is smooth and frizz free, so my question is... Can you help me get frizz free curls?!"

Alright, I could try and explain OR just let Nicola Dupont our featured artist today out of our Yonge and Eglinton shop do the talking with her hands!

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