Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Screw It !!!

Alright I think we have a pretty helpful blog entry today for everyone who is interested. I got asked an awesome question that I feel will help quite a few of you out there when it comes to your hair maitanance. So, without any further adieu let`s get to today`s hot question:

" Hi my name is Jennifer and I am a local Toronto girl with a whack load of hair! Can you give me any advice on how I can easily put this mess up?! I mean I need to use like 100 bobby pins every time I leave the house. Any advice would be much appreciated".

Okay the first thing I have to say is that you are a local girl right? Which means you are close to our salons?  So why on earth are you leaving the house everyday with your hair up?!

Alright,  in all seriousness I do have some advice for you, I recently used a product that I think is brilliant and will help avoid the use of the 100 bobby pins! Its called the spin pin, and its a phenom that any lady with your amount of hair will fall in love with! These pins are used to hold a lot of hair up at once. They do it with a patented shape that you spin into a large bunch of hair. Amazingly enough these pins replace the equivalent of 20 bobby pins at once! That is CRAZY in itself, and now that I think about it they are a green, effective and cost effective way of achieveing the same effect as a lot more pins would. The funny thing is that they are available at most retailers of hair care products including Shoppers Drug Mart and Loblaws! They are made of metal and are produced by Goodie. They sell packages of two for like six bucks! The best six bucks that you my dear will EVER spend. Check these things out cause they really do work! Hope that helped Jenn!

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