Sunday, January 30, 2011

Us and Our Planet

   We as a salon aim for perfection when practising our craft. So why shouldn’t it be the same for the environment in which they live?


   ‘Going Green’ for salons isn’t necessarily new but it’s definitely gaining momentum and those who have climbed aboard the green bus are reaping the rewards. There are numerous programs available to salon owners that are focused on running a sustainable, environmentally friendly business. Such programs include the Ontario Energy Savings Blitz program which focuses on decreasing air pollution.

   One of the latest eco-friendly programs is Green Circle Salon. Their mission is to “provide green solutions to the salon and spa industry” Green Circle Salons is a positive, ethical and creative company looking to help salons and their loyal customers contribute to the well-being and sustainability of the earth by uniting the industry as an eco-team. They help salons recycle and re-use materials such as colour tubes, foils, papers and plastics. Ten years ago those materials would have been in the dumpster but with innovative solutions from cutting edge companies, recycling and reusing has really taken off in this sector.                   
   Ergys Tafilica, Artistic Director of evoke Salon says “ As hairstylists, our craft is to create beautiful, wearable art. But, if the environment around us isn’t just as beautiful, then it’s our responsibility as business owners to make a positive change towards more sustainable operations”. If all business owners thought this way and projected an image and attitude of environmental awareness we would all be on a shorter path towards a healthier earth.

  Creative ways in which salons are going green?  Salons have started collecting the discarded, chopped hair to be reused in the creation of hair mats. These amazing advances are being used to soak up oil spills in our oceans around the world. Another saver is replacing light bulbs and all chemically enhanced cleaning materials with all natural cleansing products. They work, and save you time, money,  your health and the environment.
   The new way of living is spelled G-R-E-E-N and it you haven’t caught the green bug than,... maybe you live under a rock. I recommend to you, my earthly neighbours to experience a green salon. Get some personal treatment at your nearest green salon and know that as a customer you are also contributing to the sustainability of Mother Earth.

Danielle Fong

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